Our story

MOON Intimates established in 2016. Changed name to VERDIAN in 2019.

How did you get into sewing? What inspired you to make undergarments and create a brand?
It all started with a small workshop in Samara, Russia. I learned to sew a various array of different garments here. After a few years of intensive research, I decided to found my own brand in 2016 and thus the MOON label was born. I had a vision of creating something completely new. I wanted to make them not only comfortable, but also sexy and suitable for an active day. It was something that, as much as I looked, I couldn't find on the market at the time.

MOON Studio 2016

Are you self-taught?
I attended several sewing courses when I was younger, but mostly learned on my own! I chalk this up to experience and a meticulous attention to detail.

Tell me about the design and production process.
At the moment, I have a workshop in Bergen, Norway. I make each set by hand and individually tailor them for each client! I think what matters most is product quality, materials and the detail involved in the piece; so I make sure to pay the utmost attention to all these things! I love the female body and hope to bring ladies everywhere confidence with a comfortable, sexy line they love and take pride in.

Do you have a local supplier or source fabrics from overseas? Do you have any particular materials you love working with? What material you like experimenting with?
I source a lot of fabrics and basic components from my travels. I mainly use cotton and mesh, but soon I will explore new kits! I just can't wait to experiment more! As I bring in fabrics with limited quantities, the collections will change with the materials.

My favorite? I absolutely adore the cotton collection: I think it has everything you need for everyday linen plus quality fabric, comfort and that sexy design! I love how the fabric does not roll down or rub.

How do you test your products? What do you look for when testing? How many prototypes do you go through before release?
I test all the underwear designs myself. I'll wear a design, and wash it both by hand and in the machine. Each set must pass through my careful quality control! If any lingerie hasn't passed the test, I'll never even think about putting it on the website! It is important for me that all the undergarments are of high quality and worn with pleasure.

What are the main channels for your creative inspiration?
The female body, definitely. I love women's bodies and believe that every body type is absolutely beautiful! Women are truly a work of art. You can't find a more important value than to take care of yourself while maintaining a certain confidence in everyday life. I believe comfortable, quality, sexy lingerie directly affects this! VERDIAN is all about feeling good and looking your best.

What is important for you? What defines your brand?
Big brands make common size charts for the convenience of production, but each woman has a unique figure - you cannot fit all of them to a common chart! I am for individuality, so I make lingerie specially customized for every customer. Now is the age of over-consumption! I think we all need to buy things of better quality, so we're less likely to change them as often! I am all for conscious consumption. I work through every detail with great care, and my passion is reflected in every stitch. This ensures the VERDIAN's undergarments hold to the highest quality and standards.

Why do you focus on custom making every garment?
The size chart on my website is only for your convenience! If you have any doubt, just specify your measurements, and I personally will make the garment for you - to an exact! A piece only takes me one to two working days to create, and I try to send the order out the day after it gets placed

How do you see the future of the clothing industry?
Technology is developing at a rapid pace, and I believe that in the next five years, sewing robots will be manufactured to provide ease in production. These robots will be able to take into account individual measurements and will possess many different features. This hopefully will eliminate cheap labor, mass garment overproduction and the consumer's need for fast fashion and constant sales.

Why not find out for yourself! Contact me today at store.verdian@gmail.com to have a conversation about your next custom piece. Sizing, fit, shipment, payments, anything you want to know.